Apple watch series 3 battery life poor when using it for calls

Weak battery life

The Apple Watch Series 3 has very poor  battery life if you rely on it for phone calls over cellular / mobile calling

After looking at the details on Apple’s battery life page, first spotted by the blog 9to5Mac, the Apple Watch Series 3 offers “over 1 hour of talk time while connected directly to LTE.”

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Apple watch 3 poor battery

Leave your iPhone at home with the Apple Watch?

So according to the specs, this is not enough to go a day without your phone, especially if you’re planning to take a few phone calls. It does, however, get a bit better when using the iPhone connect, but then its only 3 hours

Apple says the Apple Watch Series 3 should offer about 18 hours of battery life for mixed usage. Sounds like it’ll be a good option for phone calls if you need to run out to the store, but not enough to leave your iPhone at home all day.

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Apple Watch series 3 Features

  • Cellular built in for calling, messaging, music and apps
  • Siri can now talk to you for the first time, no more reading the screen
  • New Heart rate features that include resting and recovery heart rate figures
  • New Triathlon mode
  • GPS and wifi connected
  • Battery life up to 18 hours

Apple Watch 3 availability and price

Apple has announced that the Apple Watch series 3 will be available for preorder from the 15th September and then available on the 22nd September. Pricing starts at $399 with cellular and $329 without.


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  1. Sorry but this comes as a surprise because? I mean even as they were announcing to the world the LTE version of the watch I was saying to friends there goes the battery life and joked that it’s now a 12 hour watch, it was never going to be as good as the fenix family for battery life but then again it’s not in the same class as any of the fenix watches.

    I for one am intrigued by the new Apple Watch series 3, would I buy one?? Probably not mainly because my fenix 5x does pretty much all I need it to do, in fact I sold my series 1 AW to get the fenix 3HR as that did what I wanted it to do better than the series 1.

    Give it another generation or two for the battery life to improve to a weeks usage between charges, to offer video calling and then I may be tempted back to an Apple Watch but for the moment yes it’s a lovely looking watch but I will stick with Garmin for the activity side of things.

    • Totally agree with you’re comments Simon. I did the same back with the Fenix 3 and never looked back. I have to buy them todo reviews and comparisons, but I don’t use it day to day

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