Apple Watch Series 4 to come in 6 models

Apple has registered six new Apple Watch models with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) ahead of the expected Series 4 unveiling next month. The listings were spotted by Consomac and expect that the Apple Watch Series 4 will be launched around September

The current generation Apple Watch Series 3 is available in eight models. There are two aluminium GPS models and six LTE models in aluminium, steel, and ceramic. It’s suggested that Apple may drop the ceramic models this year, explaining why only six models are listed with the EEC.

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The A1977, A1978, A1975, A1976, A2007 and A2008 models, however, are completely new, and this is undoubtedly the range of Apple Watch Series 4. It is likely to be composed of six models, against eight for the Current Apple Watch Series 3 (two aluminium GPS models and six 4G models – aluminium, steel and ceramic – in two sizes). One of the three materials could, therefore, disappear, at least for cell declination; is the end of the ceramic edition models?Apple Watch Series 4All the new models are said to run watchOS 5. Rumours have predicted a new design, larger display, and bigger battery. It’s likely that Apple will unveil the new device at its upcoming iPhone event, expected to take place on September 12th along with the New iPhone.

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