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Apple Watch OS 4 fitness features – Whats new?

Is this Apple Watch a good fitness watch

Alongside the launch of the Apple Watch series 3, Apple has updated the Apple Watch with a series of fitness features for the fitness conscious among us. These new fitness features for the Apple Watch start to move it in the right direction from being just a good smartwatch and a fitness watch 2nd

Heart rate monitoring has got more advanced

Apple has removed the heart rate animation from the heart rate app and in its place a graph that gives you more information. There’s also a full heartbeat complication that’ll display your current heartbeat on your watch face.

WatchOS 4 will now show a resting heart rate (RHR) feature. This has been a big feature that was missing from Apple given its device’s leaning towards sports and wellness and tracking, and RHR is one of the key ways of tracking your fitness progression and its featured in many fitness wearables from Garmin, Suunto, Polar.

Recovery after exercise is now tracked, but I am unsure how this works on the watch and not really got it working if I am honest

Users of the Apple watch will now be alerted when their heart rate increases over a certain threshold when they’re not exercising, this will help with getting early warning to potential problems

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Apple WatchOS 4 heart rate improvements


Workout app

The most obvious change in the Workout app is the new design, which uses the new vertical scrolling design. But the biggest thing in the Apple Watch workout app update is the addition of triathlon mode. Apple has been since its launch promoting this as a serious fitness watch, but it has missed many features like this and the heart rate changes as already mentioned. I have not tested the new tri-mode out yet, but a quick look it does show some promise.

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The swimming workout now has an auto lap mode. which your watch will alert you when you have got to the end of a length. The workout app also gets High-Intensity Interval Training supported by the new motion and heart rate algorithms.

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Apple WatchOS 4 tri mode

Sharing data with gym equipment

Apple has also brought the ability to pair the Apple Watch with gym equipment as part of WatchOS . All you have to do is tap your watch to the reader on the gym equipment and the two systems will talk to each other.

This feature will be compatible with gym equipment from LifeFitness, Cybex, Matrix, TechnoGym, Schwinn, Star Trac and Stairmaster.

Apple watch WatchOS 4 gym equipment support

The Apple WatchOS 4 updated is available now to download


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