Apple Watch may get sleep tracking features built in

Apple is working on new sleep tracking features for the Apple Watch that do not require additional hardware, sources tell 9to5Mac. The new feature could be announced as early as next week at Apple’s big press event.

The sleep tracking feature is codenamed ‘Burrito’ and called ‘Time in Bed tracking’. It will require you to wear your smartwatch to bed. The Apple Watch will track your quality of sleep using its various sensors and inputs. This includes movement, heart rate, and noises. You’ll find your sleep data in the Health app and a new Sleep app for Apple Watch.

To help ensure your Apple Watch battery doesn’t die while you sleep, Apple will remind you to charge your Watch before it’s time for bed.

When wearing the Watch during bedtime, if the user wakes up and starts their day before their alarm goes off, it will automatically turn off the alarm. The alarm will also play only on Apple Watch, using the iPhone as a backup. There will also be an option to use a silent alarm that only vibrates the Apple Watch. The new bedtime system will enable Do Not Disturb automatically when the user goes to bed. There will also be a new complication available for sleep tracking.

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