Apple needs to up the game about HomeKit at WWDC 2019

Reading forums and the HomeKit Reddit sub, users are crying out for Apple to get serious with HomeKit at WWDC 19. Despite it being a busy time with new manufacturers adding HomeKit support, Apple still has a lot of ground to make up.

While things look like its picking up for HomeKit in terms of new devices that are compatible. The change made by Apple made two years ago that removed the need for device makers to put a chip inside. Instead, now requires HomeKit devices makers to use a software authentication method, and it looks like that is paying off.

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But despite all of this, HomeKit is still in the distance behind rivals Google and Amazon. Then you have to ask the questions, Does Apple really care about HomeKit? Or is it just a hobby for them? Apple has not given HomeKit much talk time at the WWDC keynote since its launch in 2014.

So while many HomeKit users have and still invested in the platform, including myself. We have to ask, why should we continue to do so, when it appears Apple is not giving HomeKit the attention that is needed.

HomeKit WWDC rumours

A story posted last month by Bloomberg,  claims we should see some improvements to HomeKit at WWDC 19. We should see an upgraded Home app along with better support for security cameras, giving use users the ability to view past recordings. But apart from that, not much is known.

A recent Reddit post is an example of the improvements that Apple need to make to HomeKit ranging from more automations, better scenes, and a improved user Home App user interface to name a few.

While this may seem like a personal rant about HomeKit, you should not take it that way. In the main I am happy with HomeKit and how it works for me along with the privacy that Google and Amazon can’t offer. But Apple needs to step up its game with HomeKit and stop treating it like a hobby.

HomeKit turns a big 5 years old, this year and for those of us wanting to see improvements to HomeKit will pin our hopes to WWDC 19 and what the keynote will bring.

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