Apple HomePod Release soon after FCC approval

The Apple HomePod release is certainly on the cards for a release soon after it received FCC approval for the product, even as early as February 2018. Apple intended to release the HomePod in December 2017 ahead of the Christmas shopping period but delayed it giving real no official explanation other than the Apple HomePod release will be coming in early 2018.

The HomePod is Apples smart speaker to compete with the likes of Google Home and Amazon Alexa. After Apple delayed the HomePod release, the likes of Google and Alexa dropped the prices of their Smart Speakers in an attempt to gain further ground over the HomePod delay, with some sources say that Google and Amazon would have been making a loss to gain market share.

So whilst the likes of Amazon and Google may have made ground in terms of the number of units of their smart speakers shipped by Apple delaying the HomePod release. History will tell us that Apple has not always been first to market, but still managed to disrupt the market and overtake its competitors and the Apple Watch is a fine example of this.

Earlier this week, Inventec, one of two HomePod suppliers, reportedly began shipping the smart speaker to Apple. The initial shipment is said to be about 1 million units according to iClarified.

Apple HomePod release date

So based on these two pieces of information it looks like the Apple HomePod release is happening soon and I for one can’t wait to get my hands on one to complete an Apple HomePod review.

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