Apple HomePod review’s are in – What the reviewers are saying

Apple HomePod went on sale on the 26th January in the US, UK and Australia and its only natural to start to see the first HomePod reviews coming through via various media sources.

Active JR will be getting Apple’s smart speaker and will give its verdict via a HomePod review, but in the meantime, we have looked around the web to give you the early verdicts of the HomePod smart speaker.

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HomePod first impressions – Digital Trend’s

Digital Trend’s own  said the HomePod has a gorgeous design with superb sound. Julian said one of the biggest downsides is the lack third-party music support on the HomePod and the notifications are tied to one iCloud account.

The Good

  • Apples HomePod has a Gorgeous design that blends into a home
  • Brilliant sound, that is far superior to other Smart Speakers
  • Simple setup as always with Apple products
  • Effortless control of HomeKit devices

The Bad

  • No multi-user support
  • Can’t use Siri for 3rd-party music streaming services

HomePod first impressions

HomePod first impressions – Tom’s Guide

Toms Guide,  Michael Prospero thought that Apple’s smart speaker sounded great. but it lacked in the Siri department comparing it to Google Home for instance

The Good

  • Apple has placed a premium on design, and the Apple HomePod is no exception
  • “The HomePod definitely sounded great, but the Sono’s one kept up with it
  • Impressive base on the HomePod with lower notes also coming through without distortion.

The Bad

  • “The big drawback is that the HomePod only supports Apple Music with no third-music support
  • “Siri can only recognize one account at a time, so while you can use it to send messages, notes, and reminders. Maybe Apple will bring mulit iCloud support to the HomePod later this year.

HomePod first impressions – Refinery29

In her time with the HomePod, Refinery29 Madeline Buxton enjoyed its sound quality, and she left impressed by its design.

The Good

  • “HomePod looks good — really good. Both the black and white versions are sleek
  • “When I listened to the speaker next to Google Home Max, the latest Amazon Echo, and Sonos One, the vocals were consistently crisper and clearer on HomePod. The pluck of guitar strings pops, and bass notes have the robust thump-thump you want from them.”

The Bad

  • “Even though you can use AirPlay to stream music from any service through HomePod, you’ll only get all the speaker’s benefits if you subscribe to Apple Music. For example, Siri won’t be able to tell you detailed information about a song or album unless that song is playing through Apple Music.”
  • “Secondly, although everyone in your apartment will be able to use the speaker, only the person who sets up HomePod on their iCloud account will be able to send texts, set up reminders, and add notes via voice commands. Google Home and Amazon Echo, meanwhile, can recognize different voices and provide personalized content accordingly.”
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HomePod sound

HomePod first impressions – Mashable

In this hands-on review, Mashable’s Pete Pachal admires the HomePod’s sound quality, but has doubts about its success, considering its price and how packed the market already is.

The Good

“Did I mention it sounds great, too? Because it really does: With song after song — from the snare drums of Ariana Grande’s ‘Side to Side’ to the rat-tat-tat voices of ‘My Shot’ from Hamilton to the of complex guitar of the Eagles’ ‘Hotel California,’ the HomePod made them all sound visceral and suitably warm, whether the volume as loud or soft. Apple’s diminutive speaker even made the ubiquitous Disney mega-hit ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen sound fresh, with impressively crisp piano notes and perfect vocals.”

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“The HomePod looks like a chunky monkey in pics, but in person it’s actually pretty cute, looking like the Mac Pro’s pretty, younger sibling.”

The Bad

“What I’m less convinced of, however, is whether customers will care. The success of the Echo Dot — Amazon’s puck-shaped smart speaker that definitely de-emphasizes the second word of that description — tells me that anyone who’s been won over by the category mostly just wants to get the power of voice command in more places. And audio? A glorified intercom will do. Or, hey, just connect your own speakers.”

“But in the world of smart speakers — which is where Apple is now competing, despite its desire to make the conversation all about music — those factors are secondary to the simple question, ‘How much can this thing do for me?'”

HomePod Early verdict



Apple HomePod early impressions summary

All of the Apple HomePod reviews I have seen are in favour of the design and features. The HomePod reportedly gives out an amazing sound that blows away the current competition. The focus that Apple has placed on privacy with the HomePod for the user is also called out and this is something Apple is focused on with all its products.

The biggest drawbacks of the HomePod are the obvious steep price for the smart speaker, the lack of third-party music support and finally the inability for the HomePod to be controlled from more than one Apple account.

Stay tuned Active JR’s Apple HomePod review coming


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