Apple announces HomeKit secure video and router support at WWDC

Announced today at WWDC, Apple is adding improved support for security cameras and routers in HomeKit as part its iOS 13 update.

While many users was expecting improvements to the Home app. Apple has delivered a number of security and privacy improvements that will reinforce HomeKit as the most secure smart home platform.

HomeKit Secure VideoHomeKit secure video

Most smart home security cameras send video to the cloud to analyse it for it to identify the difference between objects and people. Apple believes this is risking your privacy and to address, Apple has announced HomeKit Secure Video.

With HomeKit Secure Video, the video captured by your camera is processed locally either on your HomePod, Apple TV or iPad used as hub. It’s encrypted and sent to iCloud to be securely stored, even Apple cant see it.

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Once the recording is stored you can play this back within the Home app with 10 days of video storage are included. I suspect Apple may sell additional storage options when its released.

The first cameras to include this feature will be Netatmo, Logitech and Eufy. Apple has said more will follow, but its going to be interesting if we see Ring get HomeKit support given the subscription model it offers its users.

HomeKit-enabled routersHomeKit secure routers

Apple also announced HomeKit-enabled routers that will firewall off each of your smart home accessories to protect them from outside attacks. You will also be able to firewall them off from your home network, so an attacker could not access your network via them

The first routers to be HomeKit-enabled will come from Linksys, Euro and Spectrum.

HomeKit iOS 13 other announcements

The other new HomeKit features that didn’t get much keynote time are. AirPlay 2 home automations, that will bring sound into the HomeKit environment. New and refreshed Home accessory controls and Siri shortcuts in Home automations.

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