Apple confirm audio sources for HomePod, Spotify not on the list

The Apple HomePod was available for pre-order starting 26th January, but one of the biggest questions is what audio streaming services or sources would work with the HomePod. Apple has now confirmed the audio sources for HomePod and Spotify is not supported natively.

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In a release today Apple has confirmed the HomePod Audio sources as

  • Apple Music
  • iTunes Music
  • iCloud Music Library
  • Beats 1 Radio
  • Podcasts
  • AirPlay

No Spotify on HomePod is a big mistake


Before the Apple fanboys come out and start saying I am Apple bashing, I am a fan of Apple products and used a number of Apple products both for work and pleasure for over 15 years. I also subscribe to Apple Music since its launch and really like the service. I just personally believe in being impartial when writing articles regardless of my preference towards a company or product and that’s how I stay true to the values or being independent and impartial.

It’s not a surprise that Apple has not included Spotify on its £319/$349 smart speakers, but this could be a big mistake for the Cupertino company. Apple has promoted the HomePod sound quality and based on the initial HomePod reviews it does sound great. But not including Spotify on the HomePod could be a big mistake when the likes of Google Home and Amazon Echo all work with the music streaming service.

Apple is late to the Smart speaker market with the HomePod with its competitors Google and Amazon already got a head start on both sales and music streaming services they offer. Then when you look at Spotify that has a subscriber base of around 70 million accounts, that is 40 million more subscribers than Apple who stand at 30 million. So for Apple not to enable the HomePod to run Spotify is a big mistake and one I believe Apple will reverse in the future.

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Edit – Whilst HomePod will not support Spotify or other streaming services natively on the smart speaker itself. Users can AirPlay any audio content from any music service to HomePod from an iPhone and iPad. Check out this article on how to use airPlay with HomePod

For Spotify & Pandora users, third-party apps like Houdini and SongShift make it easy to move your music and playlists from other music services to Apple Music.

HomePod missing features

HomePod Missing featuresIt’s no secret that the HomePod has been delayed and now will finally be available on the 9th February in the UK, USA and Australia, but it’s missing some key features that were shown off at WWDC back in June 2017. The first feature being airplay 2 and the 2nd being stereo pairing on the Smart speaker.

Now that Apple has confirmed Spotify will not be coming to the HomePod anytime soon natively, I am not surprised that you can still order a HomePod smart speaker today and get shipping on launch date, which is unusual for an Apple Product.

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Then we turn to Siri and how Siri will work on HomePod. Apple has confirmed that Siri will power the smart speaker, but what features and functionality Siri will bring to the HomePod is unclear and this will be one of the first features I test when I get my hands on the Apple HomePod.

So will you be buying a HomePod or will you wait to see how it evolves in terms of features? Leave a comment below and stayed tuned for the Full HomePod review coming soon

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