Amazon Prime day deals on Vantage V and Vantage M

It’s that time of year when bargain hunters head to the number 1 online retailer for Amazon Prime day. As with every year, the deals are huge in 2019 for Polar with the Vantage V and Vantage M getting some attention.

While I am keeping a full Prime day deals page here. These deals from Garmin are too good not shout about. Don’t forget to sign up to Amazon Prime if you have not already done so here.

Polar seems to be for buyers in the UK, which is a same for the US and Europe. However, you can get the Polar Vantage V for £220.00 and some great deals on the Vantage M. These offers are time limited and expire at midnight on the 15th July 2019.

You can checkout all the Polar deals for the UK via this link to Amazon

Don’t forget that the main Prime Day deals page is being updated all the time with the latest deals. So head over to find the latest deals

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