Amazon Echo show 5 available to preorder now

Amazon has unveiled its latest take on the smart display, the Amazon Echo Show 5. The 5 is a reference to the size of its display, which measures 5.5-inches across and comes in a smaller form factor to the Echo Show 3.

Amazon says that the Echo Show 5 is meant for the bedside or desk, which explains its compact form factor. It has that soft touch fabric finish and comes with a camera.  For those concerned about privacy, you get a physical shutter when not in use. It also has an ambient lighting mode that will adjust the screen’s brightness according to its surroundings.
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Amazon also announced a few new features that are coming to all Alexa smart displays. First up is a new smart home dashboard that’ll let you control all your connected gadgets in one spot. You will also be able to set a “Alexa Sunrise” alarm that will cause the screen to brighten slowly.Amazon Echo Show 5 rear

It comes in both black (“Charcoal”) and white (“Sandstone”), and will retail for $89.99/£80. You can also opt for an additional $19.99 magnetic stand that lets you tilt the Show’s viewing angles.

The Echo Show 5 is available for pre-order and will ship to the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Canada, New Zealand and Australia in June. It’ll ship to India starting in July.

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  1. hi Jon,
    do you know of any home tech hardware that’s geared towards the remote management of older family members?

    eg google home but a second home that you can broadcast to? or tech that prompts you to take pills and alerts someone if you don’t (I appreciate legalities) eg fall alerts linked to one of the major ‘home’ solutions rather than a mor expensive medical call centre…that kind of thing.
    it’s going to be a massive market over the enxt few years. not very exciting tho!

    • Hi 5K

      No, I have not come across anything like that other than a wrist based device linked to a call centre type service. But for pill prompts, you could use reminders in iOS to help people remember. I will have a further look and if I find anything, I will email you.

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