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The Amazfit Stratos or the pace 2 is the updated of the Amazfit Pace 1 that came out in 2017 with lots of great reviews on Amazon and on paper. When the successor was rumoured everyone thought it would be called the Amazfit Pace 2, but it was not… well so to speak.

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Now roll onto 2018 and the Amazfit Stratos, Amazfit Pace 2 or as its known on the review box I got sent, it says AMAZFIT Stratos multi-sports smartwatch, yes like you I am confused what the thing is actually called. So for the purpose of this article, I will refer to the watch as the Stratos, Amazfit Stratos or the Amazfit pace 2

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What is the Amazfit Stratos / Amazfit pace 2?

The Amazfit Stratos is a premium multisport GPS smartwatch with 5 ATM water resistance, VO2max fitness level analysis, heart rate sensor, and always-on colour touch display.

Amazfit Pace 2 fitness watch

Stratos supports sports and GPS tracking for running, walking, cycling, swimming, elliptical machine, mountaineering, trail running, triathlon, tennis, soccer and skiing. The interfering feature Through a partnership with Firstbeat this Amazfit Pace 2 also measures maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max), exercise load (TD) and recovery time. All data can be synced and made available in Strava.

Amazfit Stratos Key Features

Amazfit Stratos features

  • Display size: 1.34” / 320×300 px
  • Type: Always-on LCD touch screen
  • scratch-resistant 2.5D Corning Gorilla
  • 22mm silicon watch strap
  • Weight: 2.5 oz / 70 g
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz Core
  • Storage: 4GB Total
  • Connection: Bluetooth 4.0 / BLE + WiFi, but no ANT+
  • Battery life: 5 days regular use / 11 days basic use
  • Water resistance: 5 ATM certified, equivalent to about 80 PSI, 164 feet or 50 meters water depth.
  • Optical Heart rate sensor
  • Automatically track your daily steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, heart rate and sleep quality plus optional movement reminders
  • Smart Notifications
  • Detailed sports tracking: running, walking, cycling, swimming, elliptical machine, mountaineering, trail running, triathlon, tennis, soccer and skiing

AmazFit Stratos hands-on review video

Watch the AmazFit Pace 2 hands on review video below

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Amazfit Stratos unboxing & design

When the Amazfit pace 2 arrived in the post I was really impressed with the care taken with the packaging and design of the box. Before it arrived I was thinking it would be in cheap packaging given its low price and the fact I had not really heard of Amazfit. However, the packaging had a premium feel to it and in the Amazfit Stratos box you get

  • Amazfit Stratos
  • USB charging cable and base
  • User guide.

Amazfit Stratos unboxing

The contents are all neat and tidy inside the box and like most techies, I love opening up new tech and the Amazfit Stratos was no exception.

Whilst I was surprised with the quality of the packaging of the Amazfit pace 2, I was also impressed with the build quality of the watch itself. its bezel is made of a polished ceramic with a scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla glass screen. The Stratos features stainless steel physical buttons which feel really nice when you press them and an exchangeable 22mm durable silicone watch strap.

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Amazfit Stratos design

Overall I am really impressed with the build quality of the Amazfit pace 2, I would even go as far was saying its on par with the brands like Garmin and Suunto.

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Amazfit Stratos – Setup & App

Setting up the Amazfit Stratos is very simple and one of the painless sports watch setups I have done. The process of setup involves downloading the Amazfit app from the iOS or Android app store and then following the instructions on the screen,

which asks for :

  • Year of birth,
  • Gender,
  • Height
  • Weight.

Once you have entered this information you then pair the watch by scanning the code on the screen and then after telling the Amazfit Stratos which wrist you will wear the watch on, its all done.

Amazfit Stratos setupThe Stratos app is basic but just works. I have not yet had a chance to give it a full review yet, however, you can change various settings and swop out watch faces from the app. Within the app, you can also view data like HR data, sleep and steps.

The app also gives you the ability to add your Strava account to sync your data post workout, which I am looking forward to testing.

Amazfit Stratos features

The Stratos is marketed as. Multipart GPS smartwatch and on paper it does hit that bill with its ability to track a variety of sports activities including;

  • running
  • walking
  • Cycling
  • swimming
  • elliptical machine
  • mountaineering
  • trail running
  • triathlon
  • tennis
  • soccer
  • skiing

FirstBeat on Amazfit

Amazfit Stratos HRAmazfit has also partnered with Firstbeat to bring VO2 max and training load, exercise load (TD) and recovery time. This is a feature that is normally reserved for higher end fitness watches, So I am looking forward to how this works in practice on the Amazfit Stratos

The Amazfit Stratos supports wifi and Bluetooth, but it does not support ANT+ so you are out of luck with any sensor that you have with ANT+ only. You can pair compatible Bluetooth sensors like external HR, however, the Amazfit Stratos does not support power meters.

Amazfit has also included smart notifications on the Stratos which allows you to receive, but not respond to call, text, emails and other apps.

Amazfit Stratos pricing and availability 

Whilst it’s unclear what this watch is called is it an AmazFit Stratos or an Amazfit pace 2, it is also not as clear on Availablity. But pricing starts at 199 in the US and the UK its around 129.

Amazfit Stratos early verdict

The Amazfit Stratos on paper is a good sports watch that could certainly give the mid-range fitness watches like the Suunto trainer or the entry level forerunners a run for there money. However based on hands-on time with the Amazfit Stratos, the Fenix 5 or the FR935 sports watches don’t have anything to worry about.

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