Amazfit Stratos bluetooth pairing process

Pairing Bluetooth sensors to the Amazfit Stratos

After reviewing the Amazfit Stratos, the GPS fitness watch as a number of different ways to pair Bluetooth devices which I found odd. So in this article, I will explain how to pair Bluetooth heart rate straps to the Amazfit Stratos along with Bluetooth earphones.

Normally pairing Bluetooth devices to a device is fairly straightforward, but pairing Bluetooth devices with the Amazfit Stratos is a little complicated and unless you know the different ways, you could believe that a chest HR strap could not be paired, when in fact it can and be left confused

How to pair a Bluetooth sensor to the Amazfit StratosHow to pair bluetooth earphones to Amazfit stratos

You can pair a pair of Bluetooth headphones from the main watch options menu. This process is only for Bluetooth earphones, you cannot pair a chest HR strap via this method. I do find it strange you cannot a Bluetooth HR strap via the Bluetooth settings menu, after all its the Bluetooth settings!

Follow this process to pair a pair of Bluetooth headphones to an Amazfit Stratos

  • Swipe down on the main Amazfit Stratos Watch face
  • Press the gear icon
  • Then select connection
  • Then Bluetooth
  • The Amazfit Stratos will search for Bluetooth devices, once it finds the device, simply select pair and you are all done

How to pair a Bluetooth HR sensor to the Amazfit StratosHow to pair bluetooth HR sensor to Amazfit stratos

Now let us look at pairing a Bluetooth Heart rate strap to the Amazfit Stratos which is done in a different place to how you pair the Bluetooth earphones. Despite numerous attempts to pair the Bluetooth HR strap to Amazfit Stratos via Bluetooth settings it cannot be done, even though once you pair it, it will show in the Bluetooth settings… odd eh

So to pair a Bluetooth HR strap to a Stratos, you simply

  • Goto the workout profiles
  • Select a sports profile that supports an HR strap such as running
  • Choose settings
  • Then accessories
  • Then pair the Bluetooth HR to the Amazfit Stratos

The good news is that once you have paired the Bluetooth HR sensor via one of the sports profiles on the watch, it will then be available in every sports profile that supports external Bluetooth HR sensors

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  1. When I got my Amazfit I was also confused at how to pair a BT heart rate strap… Wished I had seen this a few weeks ago and it would have saved me hours

    • Yes, I was not sure at first and I thought it would be worth writing up something. Its already proved a popular post

  2. hi there. couple of questions
    1. did you manage to pair anything other than a chest strap and headphones. techyagent (who i think you are in contact with) seems to think you can. i can’t !! as per
    2. saw your youtube vid. why did you say huami is a new entrant? they have the bip and pace.
    3. you also said that the data fields are not editable on the watch. this is sort of true but there are novel methods via the app to prioritise your favourite metric.

    • 1, I can’t pair anything other than some headphones and a chest HR. Tried different BT devices

      2, they are new in terms of the competition. About 3 years old and still yet to establish

      3, yes I have discovered that and I must have been running a older firmware as I could not find that. But I don’t think the process is user friendly

  3. hey. i’m pretty much done with it as far as the review goes. as you say the phrae ‘user friendly’ can be used for comic effect numerous times. However, despite its numerous and sometimes obvious flaws it compels me to like it. Maybe I just like a bargain. for me it needs to support a footpod but otherwise i can quite happily use it as a backup/secondary recording device…you?

    • I agree, the device is value for money and offers a lot. Is it on the same level as Garmin and Suunto? No, but they are new in comparison and it should only get better

        • Software I was talking about, but I did notice that elevation was out on a number of occasions. Not sure if this was software or hardware

          • It’s a cheap device, albeit fairly robust-looking on the outside, I suspect that the inner componentry is cheap as chips. Chips are cheap where I live. You?

          • I suspect the same. Hardware will be cheap, but don’t think it will be to far away from the stuff that goes into fitbit’s

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