All the Garmin Connect IQ Developer winners 2019

The Garmin Connect IQ Developer conference is a yearly event with app makers from all over the world attending. Now its time to announce all the Garmin Connect IQ winners for 2019.

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Garmin also announced a standalone app which helps you personalise your wearables and cycling computers. The new Connect IQ app is available for iOS and Andriod and makes it easier to find and download apps.

Garmin Connect IQ developer awards categories

The Connect IQ developer awards have been split into five areas;

  • The best new watch face
  • The best wearable smart app,
  • Best training app
  • Best Edge app
  • The developer of the year

The best new watch faceGarmin Connect IQ best watch face - crystal


Rather than best watch face, Garmin has gone with the best new watch face. The nominees in this category were;

The winner was Crystal watch face.

The Crystal watch face has been download over 500,000 and has a rating of 4.5 in the Connect IQ store.

Features include time digits in the middle, up to 3 customisable data fields, up to 3 customisable indicators, two customisable meters and a move bar.

Best wearable smart appGarmin Connect IQ best wearable smart app - Your QR

The nominees in the best wearable smart app category were;

The winner was Barcode wallet.

Barcode wallet app which allows you to share personal information easily. It currently supports name, phone number, email address, website, job title, company and address. I have personally given this app a go, and it works well

Best Edge appGarmin Connect IQ best edge app - Workout player

The nominees in the best Edge app category were;

The Workout Player was the winner.

The software helps you under your performance by making all your data is collected. At the end of the session, the data is then sent back to XERT Online. Here you can look at all your stats, to see how you can improve.

Best training appGarmin Connect IQ best training app - final surge

The nominees in the best training app category were;

The winner was Final Surge.

This app gives you total control of your exercise. Build your Run, Bike and Swim workout, or have a coach do it – totally up to you.

Once the workout is complete,  you can sync the results to your Final Surge training log where you can interrogate the data.

Garmin Connect IQ developer of the yearGarmin Connect IQ developer of the year fbbbrown

The nominees in the developer of the year category were;

The Winner of the developer of the year was fbbbrown.

He has Created over 50 apps. Which are downloaded extensively in the Connect IQ store

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